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    Jan 17, 2016
    I have an antenna mounted on the side of my house.

    it faces 8 of 10 signals. 2 are coming from a different direction. Reception plain sucked. So i picked up a signal amp/splitter in one.

    It improved some but was getting some interference so i picked up and installed better insulated, higher quality cables in the walls. Now I get most channels quite well, but couple i really want were tiling and skipping during anything but perfect weather. Bad weather brought the annoying "weak signal". So i figured i needed to boost the signal more. So i bought this and placed it at the antenna.

    When i hooked both up i lost all signal over the whole spectrum. It seems i can use one or the other, but not both in the same line. Why is this? Any advise to improve without placing a massive ugly and plain not permitted by hoa antenna up? I have thought of dual antennas, like having 2 of the one i have but have read horror stories of dual signalling and double images. are these stories true?

    My setup
    The antenna is at top of the 2rd story, 18" cable to the first amp, and then runs into the house and down an inside wall. Total run to basement is 20 ft of cable. Then hits the second amp/splitter, or just a splitter when i took the second amp out of service. Then tv 1 is 15 ft cable to tv and tv 2 is 12 ft cable to receiver, tv 3 is a 25 ft cable to 2nd floor.

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