Cutting the cord could cost as much as cable

Discussion in 'Cord Cutter Chat' started by LeoIrish, Mar 8, 2017.

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    Mar 28, 2015

    I am always amazed when I read articles such as this. I always wonder if they do not understand the idea behind cord-cutting, simply never looked into it, or do not see it as a viable alternative to themselves.

    One of the biggest mistakes articles such as this seem to keep making is if you cut cable, you are going to go out there and subscribe to any / all services. Further, if you do subscribe to a service (ex: HBO), you will subscribe in perpetuity versus an on-demand basis.

    The second biggest mistake is presuming Internet is a new cost - where the vast majority of cable subscribers also have an internet subscription as well. Unless your cost increases, this is not a new cost. If it does increase, then only the difference is a new cost.

    Last but not least, many who cut the cord already subscribe to at least one streaming service (we subscribed to Netflix & Amazon for years before getting rid of cable). Again, this is not a new cost as you are already paying for it. As such, either do not count it at all, or add it to both the before and after cost analysis.

    We have been thrilled since cutting the cord, and are without a doubt saving money. I simply cannot imagine going back to cable at this point.

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