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Best Buy Will Have Playstation 4 Consoles In Stock on Sunday, December 8th.

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News is breaking all over the internet that the Playstation 4, one of the most highly sought after Christmas gifts of the year, will be available at Best Buy retail stores in “limited supplies” this Sunday, December 8th.

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Some, in the comments section of the nowinstock.net PS4 watch section for example, are speculating that the popular gaming console by Sony is being used as a marketing tool to get people to flock to Best Buy this Sunday and buy more stuff as a consolation prize when the paltry number of PS4 units they have in stock sell out.

Unfortunately, they may be right. Reports indicate that Best Buy’s plan is to hand out purchase bracelets before the stores open. Which, in essence, means that just because you were standing in line for a couple of hours before the opening doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get to purchase a PS4.

Additionally, there’s the issue of quantity. I’ve been reading this morning that Best Buy managers who have received calls from folks interested in buying a PS4 on Sunday have been told everything from they will only have 6 to 10 units to “we’ll have plenty”. I’m thinking the “we’ll have plenty” comment might have just been an overzealous Best Buy manager trying to ensure as many people show up as possible.

Either way, I’ll be there to try and grab one here in Southern IL, near St. Louis. I will definitely update everyone if I succeed (or fail!).



My local Best Buy opened at 10 am Central time. I arrived and got in line at around 8:15.

They started handing out tickets at around 9:15. I was ticket number 40 and there looked to be about 10 units left in the stack when I checked out so I'm estimating they had around 50 or so. They had xBox Ones there as well.